Image 2: Hubert & Clarissa Porter ???

Hubert and Clarissa Porter, the couple responsible for the mansion’s design and erection, are as infamous and fascinating as the mansion itself. While born into Society (see Family Tree), both were blocked access to their respective family fortunes for a number of justifiable and unjustifiable reasons. After their controversial marriage and subsequent exile, the Porter’s sole option for living was to squat on what was, at the time, a wild and undeveloped parcel of land far from town, with only The Small Shack™ to shelter them and their scant belongings.

It wasn’t until their groundbreaking, revolutionary discoveries (memorably catalyzed by The Stick of Butter that Changed Everything™) that their fortunes catapulted to astronomical heights and they had the means to construct the Porter Family Mansion. As their wealth and power grew, the mansion continued to grow in size and gerth, right up until the day they were destroyed.

Some believe that the spirits of Hubert and Clarissa still inhabit the mansion to this day.

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