Image 1: Some people believe this is what The Porter Family Mansion looks like.

The Porter Family Mansion is one of the most infamous, impressive, and peculiar homes from its period, and possibly from all periods of all time, ever.

Designed, built and furnished by the notorious couple who lived in it, the mansion features acres of gardens and land, square feet of living space, structures, rooms, doors, windows, nails, carpet and some of the world’s finest collections of many different things. After a great tragedy led much of the mansion and its occupants to be destroyed, the property remained abandoned for many years, rumored to be cursed, haunted, and just plain nasty.

It wasn’t until decades later that several members of a Yahoo group came together to form The Porter Family Historical Trust and purchased the property from an unknown owner. Over many years, the Trust has meticulously restored the mansion to its prior splendor, and opened its doors to educate, delight and surprise guests large and small.

Some believe that there are portions of the mansion that have yet to be discovered.

About the Porters
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